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Spyker S60-12020 Commercial 120lb Broadcast Spreader & Top Dresser

Spyker S60-12020 Commercial 120lb Broadcast Spreader & Top Dresser

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The Spyker Pro-Series S60-12020 Commercial Broadcast Spreader is the right walk-behind spreader for the job. Its large 120 lb. poly hopper lets you cover more ground between fill-ups so you can get more done in less time. Affectionately called the Mulch-N-More because of its extra-large single port opening and works with larger materials such as pin mulch and rock salt. We also offer a Top Dressing Kit to protect the gears from the abrasive effects of fine sand. The design of the S60-12020 enables it to project better spread coverage while maintaining perfect equilibrium using the on-the-fly AccuWay adjustment cable. The AccuWay adjusts the material flow forward or backward, which determines how quickly the granules launch off of the spinner/fan. This allows the operator to maintain a perfectly balanced spread pattern regardless of the chosen material. 

-Solid Stainless Steel Axle
-120 lb Hopper Capacity
-Spread Width up to 12
-Large Pneumatic Tires
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