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Spyker P20-5010 Pro Series 50lb Broadcast Spreader

Spyker P20-5010 Pro Series 50lb Broadcast Spreader

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This versatile lawn spreader is ideal for homeowners and professionals alike, perfect for fertilizer, grass seed, ice melt, and more. Made of rugged polypropylene, the 50 lb. capacity hopper won't rust or dent. The Spyker Dials 90 settings allow operators to accurately calibrate for the specific type of material being applied. With its large fully pneumatic tires the P20-5010 rolls easily and maintains constant ground contact, driving the spinner consistently via the fully enclosed gearbox, which delivers a more uniform spread pattern. The hopper's on-off assembly is connected via a solid steel linkage for improved durability versus cable-based designs. 

-2 Position Handle Height Setting
-Aluminum Enclosed Gears
-Spread Width up to 12
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