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California Trimmer

California Trimmer 20" Grooved Roller 2-Part

California Trimmer 20" Grooved Roller 2-Part

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**Grooved Roller update is used to replace an existing smooth roller **


It has some key advantages compared to the Reel Rollers 1-piece version including 2-sections that rotate independently (with 4 x sealed ball bearings), and narrow/soft radius crest ridges between grooves to help prevent lawn damage when turning and maneuvering around curves. Compared to a smooth roller, it sits further down in the lawn near the ground level to provide straight tracking with a more consistent height of cut and also works better when mowing taller grass. 

Comparing them side-to-side / measuring the ridges and ends, the RR version has 26 x square/sharp corner edges with about 50% direct ground contact whereas this new version has 32 x rounded edges with about 22% contact

Also offered as up update set, not only for current users of the California Trimmer smooth roller but also as a replacement for the RR versions which use the same (1/2) shaft diameter

Grooved Roller Assembly is a full kit needed to replace front casters


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