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Aphrodite Sweetshrub 3g Calycanthus x 'Aphrodite' PP#24014

Aphrodite Sweetshrub 3g Calycanthus x 'Aphrodite' PP#24014

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Looking for something a little different? You've found it in 'Aphrodite' calycanthus! Covered in big, glossy leaves, this shrub explodes with enormous cupped flowers that look a bit like a deep red magnolia. They start in early summer and continue through the season - in cooler areas, like our West Michigan trial garden, they bloom all summer long. This is a quite large shrub that needs plenty of space to look its best, but if you have the room for it, there are few better ways to use it! Prefers full to partial sun. Will reach 5-10ft tall and wide. 

The scent varies based on the age of the bloom, the time of day, and the flower itself. Some people say they smell like pineapple, others apples, others bubblegum, and some get no scent at all. Even if you never sense a whiff off this plant, its fabulous flowers are more than enough reward.

Top reasons to grow Aphrodite calycanthus:

- Big summer flowers look like a deep red magnolia

- Very long blooming

- Large, lush shrub provides lots of coverage - ideal for privacy

USDA Zones 5-9

Current Approx Spec:  12-15" x 12" (3g) 

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