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Howea Forsteriana (Kentia Palm) 4'

Howea Forsteriana (Kentia Palm) 4'

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The Kentia Palm is known for its lush fans of foliage and tropical island vibes. An excellent air purifier, this popular houseplant is a slow grower which blossoms new fronds from the center of its narrow trunk. From the feather-type palms group, this one has wide fronds (leaves) which do not arch as much as the Belmoreana. These fronds look lush and can grow up to a foot long, making them need enough space where they are displayed. These palms are also known as sentry or paradise palms. They are suitable for growing in USDA zones 9-11, but for those outside these ranges, Kentia palm plants make terrific container-grown specimens. The plants are quite forgiving and tolerant of low light conditions but do prefer an area that receives indirect light indoors. You can also choose to keep your plant outdoors during the warmer months in a somewhat shaded location.

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