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Ficus Alii Braid 10" Pot

Ficus Alii Braid 10" Pot

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The Ficus Aliicommonly called the Banana leaf fig for the long and slender shape of its leaves, is a species native to southeastern Asia, India, and China. Easier to care for than its cousins the Ficus Benjamina and the Fiddle Leaf Fig, the Ficus Alii is also less prone to dropping its leaves due to imperfect environmental conditions. This makes it a less intimidating, but no less dramatic looking, indoor tree.

Similar to most ficus trees, the Alii should be placed where it will receive plenty of bright indirect light. It does not fare well with extended periods of direct sunlight, however, this plant will not tolerate low light conditions. Ideally, place it directly in an eastern-facing window or a few feet removed from a southern or western-facing window.

    Ships in 10" plastic pot, approx height 3'-3.5'

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