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Dracaena Janet Craig Staggered 4'

Dracaena Janet Craig Staggered 4'

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Compact, leafy Janet Craig Dracaena adds beautiful living decor anywhere in your home. It can grow in low light and helps purify indoor air. It has compact growth and clusters of dark green leaves. It's an ideal choice for a windowsill, bookshelf, Or end table in any room. Dracaena hail from several Tropical areas of the world, but most are native to Africa. Janet Craig has a thick cluster of dark green leaves that font needs pruning Or fussing with. Occasionally wipe leaves with a moist cloth to remove dust and keep them shiny.

  • Having a Tropical origin, the Janet Craig Dracaena performs well in low-light conditions

  • The dark green leaves grow in an attractive cluster

  • Grow in low light for best results; this plant can also thrive in brighter areas

  • Water when the soil feels dry; do not allow it to sit in wet soil

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