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Dracaena Golden Heart 10" Pot

Dracaena Golden Heart 10" Pot

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A relatively new variety of the tried-and-true corn plant, Golden Heart Dracaena features large strappy leaves variegated with a bright golden-yellow center. This floor plant is ideal for adding color and texture to your home or office. It is grown and shipped fresh from our farm direct to your front door.

  • Drought tolerant, so it will survive if you forget to water it over a couple of weeks.
  • It's a relatively slow-growing variety that can reach 6 feet tall or more over time with good care.
  • Excellent for homes and office

Care Guide

Light Level: Indirect Sunlight

This plant needs to live in a room with at least some natural light. Place it on a table or countertop with windows nearby.

Water Level: Not Thirsty

This plant can go several weeks without water. Only water it when the soil dries out completely and is careful not to over-water.

Quick Tips

Brighter light levels natural or artificial will help bright out better variegation color.

Ships in 10" plastic pot, approx height 26-32"

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