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California Trimmer

California Trimmer RC190-M800 Hover Mower

California Trimmer RC190-M800 Hover Mower

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This lightweight yet powerful hover mower is designed to provide excellent cutting performance for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications. It is extremely maneuverable as it glides over grass surfaces and it mulches as it cuts so the fine pieces fall easily to the soil surface. It is ideal for use on sloped areas (up to 45 degrees) and also along waterlines and provides more effective and safer alternative to conventions hand-held grass trimmer.

The 52″ handles move freely from an upright position to ground level for extended reach on sloped areas. The ergonomic grip design provides comfortable and stable control while the engine brake lever is easily accessible for added safety.

Powered By Maruyama

The RC190 Hover Mower (model: RC190-M800) is powered by the Maruyama CER800U 2-stroke engine which provides superior hovering with a powerful torque response to help reduce engine speed drop from sudden load increases. It is specially configured for this product and is among the lightest 19” Hover Mowers on the market.

Ease of Operation, Extreme Durability and Unmatched Performance:


  • Glides over the grass for extreme maneuverability
  • Operates effectively at steep downhill angles
  • Mulches as it cuts
  • Wide-ranging 52″ adjustable handles provide extreme reach on sloped surfaces
  • Engine stop system using the convenient OPC lever for added safety
  • Powered by the Maruyama CER800U 2-Stroke Engine
  • Weight: 37lbs
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