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Asplenium Hurricane Fern 6" Pot

Asplenium Hurricane Fern 6" Pot

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Grow Hurricane Fern in medium to bright light for best results. It will tolerate low light, but a brighter spot will help it grow and look its best. It grows well under both natural and artificial light, so you can enjoy it in an east- or west-facing window or under a plant light. (Or, in a dimmer window with a plant light!) The one thing to avoid is direct sun, particularly in the afternoon hours. Too much sun can cause the leaves to develop sunburn (which on plants, unlike people, does not heal).

Like most indoor ferns, Hurricane Fern prefers to be evenly moist (think about as moist as a well-wrung sponge), but can dry out a little before its leaves start to go brown. One way to tell whether it's getting dry is to look closely at the leaves --- when they're shiny, it's well hydrated. When the fronds start to develop a dull appearance, it's thirsty.
That said, avoid overwatering --- if the roots stay too wet for too long, they will start to suffocate, die, and rot.

Hurricane Fern will grow well in typical indoor humidity, but true to its roots, prefers above-average humidity levels. If you're in a particularly arid area, or your space has dry air (from heating or air conditioning being run constantly), consider boosting the moisture in the air by growing it under a cloche, in a terrarium or case, near a small humidifier, or grouped with other houseplants.

Ships in 6" Plastic Pot, approx height 7-10"

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