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Aloe Vera Plant 4" Pot

Aloe Vera Plant 4" Pot

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Aloe vera is a longtime popular houseplant that has low-water needs and produces a gel in its leaves that's often used in skin-care products. It's relatively slow growing, but with good care and over time can reach 12 inches tall or more with large textural leaves

Care Guide

Light Level: Direct Sunlight

This plant loves direct sunlight. Place it by a window or on a porch that gets direct, natural light for at least a portion of the day.

Water Level: Not Thirsty

This plant can go several weeks without water. Only water it when the soil dries out completely and be careful not to over-water.

Quick Tips

Take care not to overwater this succulent. Aloe vera prefers to be too dry than too wet.

Ships in a 4" plastic pot

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